Not to Be Missed in AZ: The Tucson All Souls Procession

Tucson has a long and storied history, a thriving business community, and a whole lot of interesting events and celebrations that draw visitors in from all around the world all year long. Whether you’re a tourist, a regular visitor, a seasonal resident, or a year-round inhabitant, you’ll quickly learn that Tucson is the place to be for arts, music, festivals, and avant-garde events, the most notable of which is the All Souls Procession.

Tucson has been occupied consistently for more than 12,500 years, first with the Tohono O’odham, Maricopa, Akimel O’odham, Apache, Hopi, Yavapai, Zuni, and Yaqui Native peoples and later as a Mexican territory. It would be centuries before the first European settlers would come to Tucson and, by 1775, establish Tucson as a Spanish fort. In 1821, Tucson became an official city after gaining independence from the Spanish who held the territory since 1540.

Much in the way Austin is a booming city where businesses, artists, and technological innovators flock, Tucson is a gem in the Southwest. As the resident numbers grow each year, reaching nearly one million in 2017, Tucson becomes more diverse, inclusive, and historically and culturally reflective.

One thing that remained consistent throughout Tucson’s long history is the influence of Mexican culture, which can be seen in the names the city uses, the “native” foods that help make Tucson the first UNESCO City of Gastronomy, and the festivals that celebrate Mexican holidays and observances like Dia de los Muertos.

While Tucson film festivals, University of Arizona events, world-class observatories, mountain ski slopes, national parks, the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, and the booming music scene and downtown nightlife are responsible for bringing in visitors by the thousands each year, the annual All Souls Procession is an event that is attended by well over 150,000 participants – and those numbers continue to rise every year.

An adaptation of the Mexican Dia de los Muertos, the day set aside to celebrate and remember those who have moved on to the afterlife, the All Souls Procession was created when a Tucsonan who visited a Mexican village during the Dia de los Muertos celebration and shared his story with a friend. He spoke of how different that community’s attitude toward death and life were. Dia de los Muertos was a communal celebration of life and death, not a gloom-and-doom mourning of those who passed on.

When Tucson artist Sue Johnson heard the story, she was inspired to do something. In 1990, she created a memorial to her father and walked it throughout the city in the style of the Dia de los Muertos parade she had admired. The following year, Sue was joined by more walkers who also liked the idea and wanted to celebrate the life of their loved ones who died.

27 years on, that one act spurred on a city-wide parade and celebration which, while continuing to honor the dead, also includes many forms of artistic expression, music, craft, costume, floats, food, and mourning. Some walk the parade route mourning the “unmournable,” bringing to attention the life and death of those who are lost without acknowledgment. Some sew a photo of their dead pet to their dress or revere animals who are going extinct, noting that their deaths are also felt and should be recognized. The All Souls Procession is designed to be inclusive and open to a multitude of memorialization, and that in itself is a tremendous draw for attendees.

Costumes, floats, and music are present throughout the entirety of the parade, which makes its way through a winding two-miles of Tucson’s central streets. At the end of the procession, thousands gather to watch the giant ceremonial urn, filled with written offerings, notes, and wishes from participants to those who have passed float up into the sky to burn.

Many Mouths One Stomach is the non-profit arts collective behind the Procession. For weeks ahead of the All Souls Procession parade, Many Mouths works with thousands of participants who gather in workshops, creative fairs, and craft demonstrations to create their ceremonial art installation, float, or portable memorial.

The 2017 All Souls Procession will be held in Tucson on November 3 – 5th with the Procession itself taking place on Sunday, November 5. Everyone is welcome to participate and experience an incredible local event that is one of the most celebrated public ceremonies in North America. If you are visiting Arizona for a business trip, vacation, or ATV outing, make sure that you head to Tucson in time to catch this not-to-be-missed, breathtaking, and exciting event.

For more information about the All Souls Procession, visit their website here.


A Luxury Arizona Road Trip

From the top of Mount Everest to the ocean’s depths, there is no shortage of exciting and interesting places to explore in the world. One of the hottest destinations for every world traveler and the fall season is the perfect time to discover the back roads and historic byways of Arizona on a road trip.

Whether traveling with family or friends, a trip through Arizona will be one to remember. If you are looking for some swanky and stylish ways to deck out your adventure, Arizona delivers in spades from one end to the other.

Don your best road trip hat, pack your poshest overnight bag, and pop those sunglasses on because the glorious desert is calling. Here’s how to make your tour of Arizona a sophisticated and thrilling adventure that will burn brightly in your memories for years to come.

Visitors heading into town from Texas, Southern California, New Mexico, or Mexico should start their Arizona road trip adventure from the south with Patagonia State Park. From the north, a drive in from Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Northern California will start you at the Antelope Canyon, a must-see on any Arizona road trip. Whether starting from the north or south end of Arizona, you will have an amazing time in this picturesque state.

Patagonia State Park is close to Nogales in the southeastern part of the state and is a sprawling wildlife and a is the perfect spot to catch some fish before heading off to your one of a kind glamping experience at Sky Islands of southeast Arizona.

For those unacquainted with glamping, it is a way that you can stay in luxurious surroundings while still being right in the heart of all this glorious nature. Styled after the most elaborate tented retreats around the world, you can have the wilderness right outside your tent while enjoying the comfort of a soft bed, running water, and of course, electricity.

Heading north from Patagonia, spend the day in Tombstone and see a piece of American history while walking the very streets that Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday made famous back in 1881 with their shootout at the O.K. Corral.

Continue for an hour northwest on I-10 to Tucson, where you will have ample opportunity and locations to lap up some true luxury. Tucson is home to world-renowned spas, luxury hotels, and incredible nature-filled retreats that will leave you relaxed and ready to hit the road for your next adventure in the morning. Top Tucson luxury hotels to check out include the Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort, the Westin La Paloma, and the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain.

Making your way up 1-10, make the Phoenix and Scottsdale area your destination. Take a hot air balloon ride over the lush desert landscape, go white water rafting on the Salt River, and don’t miss the Arizona ATV Adventures tour through the exquisite Box Canyon where you can capture some amazing photographs and tour the rugged desert landscape.

Spend the night in one of Scottsdale’s extraordinary luxury hotels like the Omni, the W Hotel, or the JW Marriott Camelback Inn. Scottsdale is the place to enjoy fine dining whether at your hotel or at one of Scottsdale’s renowned eateries like Sel or Virtu Honest Craft. Rest up after a night on the town and enjoy a long, relaxing spa morning before heading off to Sedona to take in the 1.8 million acres of national forest land.

Sedona is the mecca of southwestern adventure, a place where celebrities flock to experience the calming serenity of the surrounding landscape, and an adrenaline junkie’s dream come true. Sedona is jam-packed with activities that will wear you out morning, noon, and night. From ziplining to hiking in the Red Rock State Park to taking a spiritual journey to experiencing the energy vortexes, Sedona has excitement down to a science. If you were too busy relaxing or enjoying Scottdale’s spas to take an Arizona ATV Adventure ATV tour (or if you just want to see the Sedona landscape in the same awesome way) you have a second chance in Sedona.

Don’t leave Sedona without hitting the highest point on the historic Route 66 on San Francisco Peak, a whopping 12,000 feet in the air.

Another night in fabulous Sedona is a must, then it’s off to Flagstaff, but not before stopping at eh stream and waterfall-laden Oak Creek Canyon for breathtaking views and to catch a glimpse of some spectacular wildlife.

Flagstaff is fabulous in the fall, and it is the opportune time to get out of the car and get hiking to explore some of the most amazing Native American artifacts and national monuments including Walnut Canyon and Wupatki National Monument. Spend the day exploring the outdoors and hitting up Route 66 again, but do not miss a night time tour of the famous Lowell Observatory. Finding 5-star accommodations in Flagstaff is easy as pie, and you can choose your comfort level for lodgings from ski cabins to luxury villas.

Up next is the unmissable Grand Canyon, and what else can be said about this must-see wonder of the world that you don’t already know? To see the Grand Canyon in all its glory, try a helicopter ride or a private tour of the canyon that includes a cruise. There are tons of glamping locations at the Grand Canyon, so don’t miss another opportunity to take in the best of nature in lux surroundings.

Your northernmost stop in Arizona has to be Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, two of the most photographed and incredible locations found anywhere in the world. Whether starting or ending at Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, set aside plenty of time to take both of them in before hitting the road again.



Fall and Winter Festivals in Sedona, Part Two

Each year, thousands of visitors descend upon Sedona, Arizona to enjoy the unbelievable beauty of the landscape, explore our national parks, and of course, hit the trails on an ATV adventure. Though every season is ripe for a visit to everyone’s favorite Southwestern city, the fall and winter seasons are one of the most popular. With the trees turning shades of gold and red, the weather getting crisp, and first flutters of snow fall from our big, beautiful skies, Sedona become a hotbed of activity for a whole other reason: festival season is in full swing.

As fall transitions into winter, Sedona comes alive (not that it ever really rests) with tons of events and activities that celebrate the holiday seasons, cultures, and everyone’s favorite reason to celebrate – food!

In our last blog, we gave you the scoop on the Sedona Bike & Brew, the Red Rocks Music Festival, Winefest, Oktoberfest, and the Sedona Plein Air Festival. Here are some more later-in-the-season festivals and events that will make you want to extend your stay in Sedona.

Festival of Lights

Dec 9

The annual Festival of Lights is the lighting of 6,000 Luminarias, a tradition that everyone in the community looks forward to each year. Held at the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, visitors and locals gather to celebrate the season light the thousands of Luminarias. The day is filled with non-stop entertainment including live music, choirs, carolers, arts and crafts and more.

For more information, visit here.

Sedona VegFest

Jan 20-21

Veggie lovers of the world unite! Healthy World Sedona is all about building healthy citizens through plant-based diets, and the Sedona VegFest is their annual gathering to celebrate meat-free eating and smart food choices. VegFest combines chefs, nutritionists, and live demonstrations from world-renowned experts to show visitors how everyone can lead sustainable, meat-free lives while reducing unnecessary cruelty to animals.

Want to learn more about VegFest? Visit them here.

Sedona Marathon Event

Feb 3, 2018

If there’s one thing that Sedona has in spades, it’s the great outdoors! There is no better place to take outdoors to a whole other level than right here, and no better way than by challenging yourself to a marathon. The Sedona Marathon Event draws in participants from all around the world to participate in 5K, 10K, half, and full marathon events. The event is so popular because not only do you get to compete amongst some amazing athletes, but you get to do it in some of the most challenging terrain and glorious scenery to be found anywhere in the world.

For information about the marathon, visit here.

Sedona International Film Festival

Feb 24 – March 4

For 24 years, the Sedona International Film Festival has been bringing the Sedona the hottest show in town. Celebrating independent film and the craftsmen that make movie magic, the Sedona International Film Festival is a 12-day celebration of all things independent film and includes selections from all around the world. A must-do for movie lovers, this film festival includes documentaries, shorts, features, student films, animated movies, and more and brings the artists behind the movie magic front and center to engage directly with their audience.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit their site.


ATV Photo Contest EXTENDED – Enter to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

There is nothing like seeing the glorious Arizona landscape and all its amazing detail and capturing some incredible photos of it all. One of best ways to get “behind the scenes” of it all by hitting the trails on an ATV tour with Arizona ATV Adventures!

Whether you are touring Box Canyon on the Phoenix / Tucson tour or seeing the wilds of Sedona on the West Sedona Canyon tour, you are bound to capture some outstanding photographs – and WE WANT TO SEE YOUR PICTURES!

Share your Sedona and Box Canyon tour photos with us right here on Facebook for a chance to WIN $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD!

The beauty of our fair state that is so incredible, so breathtaking, and so perfect that it must be shared, so send us your very best pictures from your Arizona ATV Adventures tour and we’ll have a Facebook vote on which two images captured the moment best. Not only will the contest photos be available Facebook, but we will also be adding those photos to our Arizona ATV Adventures gallery on our website!

How to WIN

To SHARE YOUR BOX CANYON and WEST SEDONA CANYON ATV TOUR PHOTOS send us your photo below for a chance to WIN! Winners will be chosen based on the amount of “Likes” they receive on Facebook once posted on Facebook.

*All photos submitted for consideration need to have been taken on an ATV tour with Arizona ATV Adventures. One winner per tour will be chosen. Contest runs through Aug 28, 2017 at 11:59 pm. Winners will be chosen on Aug 29, 2017.

Fall and Winter Festivals in Sedona, Part One

Sedona is a gorgeous city to experience all year long, and visitors certainly know that there is no perfect season to come here. Why? Every season in Sedona is perfect!

While visiting Sedona, Arizona, there are some sights and adventures that everyone should add to their to-do list. From taking a fantastic ATV tour through Sedona Canyon with Arizona ATV Adventures to enjoying the indescribable and world-renowned energies of picturesque mountains all around you, there is never a shortage of activities in one of the Southwest’s most popular cities.

For anyone looking to visit in the fall or wintertime, you will absolutely want to plan your visit to coincide with these outstanding festivals and events that light up Sedona morning, noon, and night!

Sedona Bike & Brew
Aug 26

While still technically summertime, we just don’t want you to miss this fun Sedona event! Each year, bike riders from all around the world flock to Sedona to try their hand at one of the most unique bike races to be found. What makes interesting? It takes place on a golf course! There are biking events for the whole family to enjoy and local beer crafters are on hand all day to serve bikers and spectators their top-notch brew.

Find more information about Sedona Bike & Brew here.

Red Rocks Music Festival
Sept 8 – 16

The Red Rocks Music Festival has been going on for years, and as time goes by more and more people are discovering the jaw-dropping musical talents and extraordinary chamber music that this annual event brings to Sedona and Phoenix. Featuring master classes, workshops, and of course, concerts, the Red Rocks Music Festival is something that needs to be experienced. We can think of no better place to take in the amazing sounds of the music festival than right here in gorgeous Sedona.

For more information, visit here.

Sept 23 – 24

September in Sedona delivers the first inklings of autumn. And we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the oncoming season than by heading to the Sedona Winefest!

This annual event showcases the best wines grown right here in the region, and the festival brings a diverse and exciting crowd to join in the celebration of Arizona’s vineyards. With local featured foods, lots of music, and so much delicious wine to sample, there is no shortage of entertainment at the Sedona Winefest, so get your friends together and plan a fun and fabulous weekend excursion!

Get more information about Sedona Winefest right here.

Sedona Plein Air Festival
October 14 – 21

Artists come from all around the world to experience this one of a kind arts festival that could only take place in Sedona. Exhibitions, lectures, receptions, and live painters demonstrating their skills will be on hand all week long to celebrate art, artists, and the unforgettable landscapes of Sedona, Arizona.

Get all the info you need to get your art on here.

Red Rocks Oktoberfest Craft Beer Festival

Why celebrate Oktoberfest in Sedona? Because not only will you have an amazing time enjoying craft beer, music, shows, and celebrations, but you will also help a whole lot of local causes. Enjoy the taste of delicious, locally-brewed and crafted beers, German-themed costumes, and tons of delicious foods to celebrate German heritage and of course, beer!

Visit here for more information.

There are plenty more events and festivals to look forward to in Part Two of this blog, coming soon!

ATV Photo Contest for $100 Amazon Gift Card!

ATV Photo Contest: $100 Amazon Gift Card for winner!

There is nothing like seeing the glorious Arizona landscape and all its amazing detail and capturing some incredible photos of it all. One of best ways to get “behind the scenes” of it all by hitting the trails on an ATV tour with Arizona ATV Adventures!

Whether you are touring Box Canyon on the Phoenix / Tucson tour or seeing the wilds of Sedona on the West Sedona Canyon tour, you are bound to capture some outstanding photographs – and WE WANT TO SEE YOUR PICTURES!

Share your Sedona and Box Canyon tour photos with us right here on Facebook for a chance to WIN $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD!

The beauty of our fair state that is so incredible, so breathtaking, and so perfect that it must be shared, so send us your very best pictures from your Arizona ATV Adventures tour and we’ll have a Facebook vote on which two images captured the moment best. Not only will the contest photos be available Facebook, but we will also be adding those photos to our Arizona ATV Adventures gallery on our website!

How to WIN

To SHARE YOUR BOX CANYON and WEST SEDONA CANYON ATV TOUR PHOTOS send us your photo below for a chance to WIN! Winners will be chosen based on the amount of “Likes” they receive on Facebook once posted on Facebook.

*All photos submitted for consideration need to have been taken on an ATV tour with Arizona ATV Adventures. One winner per tour will be chosen. Contest runs through Aug 20, 2017 at 11:59 pm. Winners will be chosen on Aug 21, 2017. 


Running Wild: The Salt River Horses of Arizona

Arizona ATV Adventures Salt River Wild Horses Phoenix
A journey to Arizona brings visitors up close and personal with outstanding landscapes, astounding environmental features, a unique variety and diversity of plants, and of course, a whole lot of animals. Those animals are a pivotal part of what makes Arizona such an amazing place to experience. One animal has attracted a whole lot of attention in recent years, becoming a central topic of debate here in the Grand Canyon state.

Arizona’s Salt River and the surrounding Salt River mountains, a tremendously popular outdoor adventure spot for tubing and kayaking just outside of Phoenix, is home to plenty of interesting and beautiful wild animals. It is also where a controversial and thriving group of wild horses call home.

With a wealth of horse ranches stretching from Tucson through Sedona, it is no shock to hear that Arizona is a true horse state. Of course, some of those horses have never known a stable or a rancher’s saddle.

The Salt River wild horses have called Tonto National Forest and the lower Salt River their home for over 100 recorded years (and likely a whole lot longer). It wasn’t until the passage of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 that these wild horses – in populations numbering in the thousands – began to be rounded up, domesticated, and adopted out to fitting ranches and horse owners by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The reasons for the round-up were straightforward at the time: To protect wild horse habitats and the citizens of the local communities from wild horse overpopulation. Since 1971, BLM says it has “gentled” more than 12,000 wild horses, reducing the team’s impact on the environment for our mutual benefit.

Today, it is not as easy as it once was to spot a team or even a solitary wild horse in the area as the population is thought to be just about 100 horses. Some visitors are lucky to find some crossing their path as they move through the trails and waterways of the Salt River, sometimes drinking from the algae-rich streams or running majestically through tall spring grasses.

The wild horses of the Salt River are considered by some to be a national treasure that must be protected at all costs. For others, protecting these wild animals comes at a cost that they are unwilling to pay. The problem at hand was that Arizona state departments did not want to take jurisdiction over the wild horses as they were not designated as truly “wild.” Instead, of “wild,” the Salt River horses were labeled as “feral livestock,” making them a burden and responsibility that no department – not the Forest Service, Arizona Game and Fish Department, nor the Arizona Department of Agriculture – wanted to claim.

For all their wildness, the horses are not shy about occasionally making their way into campgrounds, neighborhoods, and roadways, making their removal for the safety of humans a potentially costly undertaking. When a round-up was proposed in August 2015, activists and locals campaigned by the thousands to keep the horse right where they are.

In 2016, Governor Doug Ducey reclassified the horses as “not stray livestock,” and passed a bill allowing them to be protected and treated as an irreplaceable and important part of the Tohono Forest ecosystem. In his honor, the first colt born to the herd in 2017 after the amended HB2340 Bill passed was named “Ducey.”

If you are interested in seeing Arizona as it once was, teeming with wildlife including magnificent, wild horses roaming free, visit the Salt River and Tohono Forest as a part of your amazing Arizona adventure. Be sure to keep a camera handy so you can capture these wild horses in all their glory – you never know if you might see them enjoying the same amazing landscape.


Treat Yourself to An Arizona Food Adventure

huevos rancheros arizona food adventure AZ ATV Adventures

There are endless adventures to have in Arizona, from hitting the trails on an ATV excursion with Arizona’s favorite ATV tour (that’s us!) to skydiving or hot air ballooning over our beautiful desert vistas and discovering a how beautiful Arizona is from every angle.

One Arizona adventure that thousands of people go on each and every year won’t have you hitting the throttle or flying down toward earth at 125 miles per hour, but it will make take you on a tour of extraordinary and memorable experiences while visiting or exploring our fair state.

Arizona, especially the cities of Tucson, Phoenix, and Sedona have recently been catching a lot of headlines around the world as we join the ranks of serious food cities – and we mean serious food cities – that are bringing in foodies from across the globe to experience a food adventure.

When you come to Arizona to explore the food culture here, you will find a glorious combination of high-end, world-renowned chefs creating culinary masterpieces and a wealth of local flavors and recipes mastered by home chefs turned restauranteurs that will make you want to pack your bags and permanently move to Arizona so you can dive head-first into all this delicious food anytime you like.

So, when you find yourself planning your dinners, brunches, and breakfasts before and after your desert ATV adventure, be sure to add these must-try Arizona foods to your list.

Sonoran Hot Dogs

A hot dog is a hot dog is a hot dog, right? Not when it’s a Sonoran hot dog! Found in Southern Arizona (Tucson is the preferred location to get one of these bad boys), the Sonoran hot dog is nothing short of a masterpiece. Sonoran hot dogs are iconic pieces of Southern Arizona food culture, and they need to be tried at least once (or ten times) while you’re here.

Smoked bacon wrapped and grilled meat served in fluffy and delicious bolillo bread, and topped with pinto beans, onions, tomatoes, and other savory and scrumptious toppings of your choice. Words do not do this simple yet remarkable food justice.

Prickly Pear Jelly

You’ve undoubtedly seen bright green cacti brimming with bright pink, purple, and yellow round toppers throughout Southern Arizona. Those colorful gems are not just any old flora – they are prickly pears, and they have a unique and distinct flavor that will make you want to pluck the fruit from every cactus you see.

There are lots of recipes that use the locally-cultivated prickly pears (if you see prickly pear margaritas or mimosas on a menu, just order them and thank us later!), there is one way that you can take the flavor of the Arizona desert home with you, and that is with prickly pear jelly. It takes a mighty-skilled hand to secure the fruit from the cactus and create this spreadable masterpiece, so never pass up the opportunity to score a jar or five on your visit.

Huevos Rancheros

You would be hard-pressed to find a local Arizona breakfast joint that does not serve up this desert breakfast, but for as many restaurants make it, you’ll find it tastes different at every location. A plate where fried eggs are served atop warm corn tortillas and doused in the salsa du jour, huevos rancheros is an absolute must-eat breakfast treat in Arizona. Like we said, it’s a little different everywhere you go because salsa recipes vary so much across the state, but that just means that you can try different versions of this dish each morning!


Yes, it’s hot out here a lot of the time, and that is what makes us Arizonans the experts at relieving that discomfort. Enter Eegees (pronounced Eee–geez), the Tucson-born chain food stop whose signature heat beater, the Eegee, is the perfect blend of fruit and ice that will make your heart sing. Eegees is part slushie, part fruit shake, and all delicious. Available in three year-round flavors (lemon, strawberry, and pina colada as well as the low-cal Skinny Berry) and a new monthly flavor that makes everyone in Arizona look forward to their favorite month, Eegees is a one-of-a-kind treat that everyone will enjoy. Try Eegees once and you’ll be hooked, but don’t miss trying their other big (BIG) seller, the Eegees ranch fries. Eegees is so incredibly popular there is even a place to buy Eegees on the University of Arizona campus!

Whether you eat it with a straw or a spoon (and you will get both when you order), you will not be disappointed with everyone’s favorite year-round treat!


Have the Best Time on Your ATV Adventure

ATV safety prepare riding fun family outdoors adventure AZ ATV Arizona desert fun off road

Getting ready to grab your family, friends, or employees and head off with Arizona ATV Adventures on a thrilling ATV excursion in the Phoenix, Tucson, or Sedona area? You are going to have some fantastic experiences with us! Your mind and camera will be filled with a lifetime of memories of great times shared, thrilling trails, and breathtaking surroundings.

While many people plan their ATV trips in advance, booking a tour and arranging their trips to visit the great state of Arizona, when it comes to preparing to actually take the ATV ride, our guests are often unsure what to expect when it is their first time hitting the trails on an ATV. That’s why our awesome tour guides are here to help all our guests discover the ins and outs of safe ATVing so that everyone can have the best time possible and enjoy all that these stunning Arizona landscapes have to offer.

Getting out on an ATV tour is hands-down one of the most fun ways to spend a weekend, but to make sure that everyone in your party is having the best time possible, first take the time to prepare yourself to make the most out of your Arizona ATV adventure. Our knowledgeable guides will be with you every step of the way to ensure your party’s safety, but it never hurts to come ready to have a great time on the trails!

Dress Appropriately for Your Tour

It seems like no matter what time of year it is, Arizona is always ready to deliver warm weather (and lots of it). While it is true that Southern Arizona spots like Tucson and Phoenix are warm nearly year-round, up in Sedona it can stay chilly and even snow through April!

Wherever you’ll be ATVing, it is best to wear light-colored clothing that will keep you cool, but also to wear clothing that is appropriate for the season, even if it means packing a spare long sleeve shirt. Weather forecasts are a great indicator of temperatures to come, but if the weather turns out to be cooler that your weather app called for or if the sun is too much for your exposed skin, a light, long sleeve shirt can be a great way to protect yourself from the elements.

Expect that you may encounter mud and sand, so it is wise to not wear your Sunday best to hit the trails. Protect your feet with comfortable, close-toed shoes like hiking boots or tennis shoes so you don’t wind up with injured feet from rocks or other debris that may be kicked up from the ATVs around you.

Pack Accordingly

Because it is critical that everyone stays hydrated on their ATV excursion (it is the desert after all), Arizona ATV Adventures always carries plenty of water for our guests, but bringing along your own water is important.

Equally as important for anyone going outdoors in Arizona (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter), is to pack and use sunblock, sunglasses, and lip balm. The sun is nothing to toy with, and the last thing you’ll want is to leave an ATV tour and have burned skin, chapped lips, or irritated eyes.

Be Ready to Take It All In

People come to Arizona from all around the world so that they can connect with nature and experience the majesty of the mountains, formations, ancient ruins, and unique desert features. For many, getting to dive head-first into this remarkable landscape is a life-changing opportunity that they wait a lifetime to experience. You may not know it until you get there yourself, but we promise you will not want to miss the chance to capture those memories.

Whether you want to photograph it, sketch it, or just take the time to sit back and take it all in, be prepared to capture the experience of it all on an ATV excursion. The ride out into the canyons and trails are amazing, and everyone enjoys the ride of an ATV, but never forget that it’s not just about getting onto the trails, it’s also about finding out what makes this amazing spots so special when you stop to take it all in. 

8 Great Adventure Podcasts

Adventure Podcasts ATV Arizona

Adventure is not outside man; it is within.” – George Eliot

Thanks in large part to the enormous success of mega-hit shows like This American Life, Welcome to Night Vale, Serial, and The Joe Rogan Experience, podcasts have become the new ‘it’ accessory to everyone’s busy lives. They ride shotgun when you’re stuck in traffic, make our workdays go by remarkably fast, and fill our ears with fantastic experiences, wild stories, and perspectives different from our own. Podcasts have become a serious business over the last ten years, and have recently been experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity over the last two years.

Podcasts speak to us all because, well, there are literally podcasts that are will speak to your interests, no matter what they may be. From podcasts about canning and preserving foods like Living Homegrown to podcasts that literally bore you to sleep like the popular Sleep With Me – the Podcast That Puts You to Sleep (where a dry voice casually reads incredibly dull newspaper articles that force your eyes to close), podcasts can be about anything at all.

With so many podcasts out there, you can bet that there are binge-worthy podcasts about something that sparks a fire within all of us – adventure. Here are the eight great outdoor adventure podcasts that will fill you with motivation to plan your next great big (or small) excursion into the world.

Pop in those earbuds and let’s listen to some adventure inspiration!

Outside Podcast

If you are a fan of Outside Magazine, tune into their editors’ podcast Outside Podcast. At Outside Podcast, everything about adventuring is explored from the first episode, including scientific approaches to survival, extreme environments, and so much more. Interviews with experts, first-person adventures and experiences, and tons of inspiration are will fill you with motivation to grab your backpack and take a hike or plan a major expedition somewhere out in the world.

The First 40 Miles

Anyone who has tried their hand at backpacking knows how incredibly strenuous it can be. Unless you are a thoroughly seasoned backpacker who has mastered every mountain you’ve ever encountered, The First 40 Miles hosts Heather and Josh are here to be your guides to hitting the trails smartly, safely, and ready to soak up adventure.

She Explores

Whether you’re a female adventurer or are interested in hearing a woman’s perspective on outdoor adventuring, everyone should listen in to Gale Straub’s podcast She Explores. Created to empower and inform women to share their own triumphs and tribulations of exploring the world, Gale creates a platform for women of all backgrounds and outdoor experience levels to share their unique perspectives and insights on the subject.

Muddy Microphone

For all you off-road enthusiasts out there, you can’t go wrong tuning in for Greg Thomas’ Muddy Microphone podcast. For the love of dirt, mud, and desert ATV riding thrills, this podcast is your expert review, discussion, and accounts of ATV, dirt bike, and UTV riding with those who have a passion for off-roading.

The Dirtbag Diaries

One of the oldest and best-known adventure podcasts out there, The Dirtbag Diaries began inspiring the world back in 2007. No matter the type of adventure or outdoor activity, The Dirtbag Diaries is here to get you out of your comfort zone and inspire you to grab a kayak, tent, or snowshoes and hit the road to create your own adventure stories. With enjoyable storytelling that anyone can enjoy, The Dirtbag Diaries has earned its place as the absolute must-listen adventure podcast.  

Atlas Obscura’s Horizon Line  

Historic adventures abound in the epic Atlas Obscura’s Horizon Line podcast, where adventures from the past come alive through storytelling. Tales of great triumph, near-misses, and utter failures all share the spotlight and serve to remind audiences that it is not whether one succeeds at an adventure that matters, but that one dares to embark on one in the first place.

Out There

There is more that goes into adventuring than choosing the right shoes for your travels, and that is where Out There comes in. Exploring the relationship between humans and the environments we explore, Out There knows how powerful getting out into nature and the wilds of our planet can be, and it never takes for granted the life changing experiences that adventurers have when they get off their couches and head out into the world.

The Trail Show

Anyone who is a fan of hitting the trails will fall head-over-heels with The Trail Show podcast, the only hiking podcast out there that encourages you to grab a beer (the team broadcasts live from the Historic Beer District in Boulder, CO) and join the discussion about all things trails. From personal experiences to recommendations to discussing the pure delight that adventuring brings, The Trail Show is a funny and engaging look at hiking and trail exploration.