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  • Between both Phoenix & Tucson!


Quick Details

ATV Riding Single Drivers must be at least 16 years old
ATV Riding Double Drivers must be at least 16 years old


The Phoenix Tucson Box Canyon Tour happens in Florence, Arizona, about halfway between Tucson and Phoenix on State Route 79. Driving time from either city is approximately one hour. Our trail is about 34 miles in length and about 3 hours in duration. The elevation gain is over 1,500 vertical feet as we climb up and over the front range of the Pinal Mountains. Along the tour, your guide points out petroglyphs left over from the ancient Native Americans.

Another point of interest is an old adobe building that served as a way station for the Butterfield Overland Stage Coach Company during the 1860s. For a short time, it also serviced the Pony Express on what was know as the “Butterfield Route.” The real highlight of the tour is Box Canyon. You are in the canyon for about 6 miles. The middle 3 miles are in a slot canyon with walls that are about 1,500 feet high on both sides and only about 15-20 feet apart in some places. The scenery is incredible!

Note: Do not use your GPS to get to this location! The presence of federal and state facilities in this area can render your GPS inaccurate.