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As managers and tour guides at Arizona ATV Adventures, we strive to make the company and our tours as green and eco-friendly as they can be, primarily by being the best possible stewards of the land we use. None of these green practices are required by the National Forest Service permits we hold, or by any local or state regulations.

We go to this extra effort as a matter of principle and simply because it is “the right thing to do”. Our goal is to leave the land in better shape than we found it in 2002 when we began running tours.

  • Our guided tours always stay on marked and approved trails so that we don’t have any impact at all on the delicate ecosystem around us.
  • We foster good behavior out on the trails. Because our tour guides know the area so well, we can be sure our riders don’t wander off onto private property and restricted areas. We strive to be good neighbors out on the land.
  • Our ATVs use “street tires”, not the knobby, aggressive off-road tires you see on most ATVs. As a result, we ride ON the trail rather than dig into it.
  • We do frequent voluntary “trash runs” in the wilderness and have removed everything from bags of soda and beer cans to car tires, bumpers and mattresses.
  • We try to educate our riders about the flora, fauna, and sensitive ecosystem we ride through and hope we empower them to be good stewards of the land wherever they go.

After all, it’s just the right thing to do!