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4 Incredible Road Trips to Take Before You Die

Denali National ParkLong before the airplane became the most fashionable and efficient way to travel, the automobile reigned supreme. As the United States continued to expand, the government built roadways leading to the wild west.

6 Adventurous Gifts to Give Your Adventurer

Gift giving can be pretty difficult. There are always a few people on your list who leave you clambering for ideas. For many, the most difficult people to shop for are the adventurous, outdoorsy types.

Lucky for you, we’ve made the task a bit easier this time around. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 gift ideas for adventurous people.

Adventure on Holiday: Celebrating Around the World

Most people seem to have Christmas on the brain come December, but there are many other holiday traditions that go on this time of year in different parts of the world. Winter is a great time to learn about the beliefs of other cultures and to reflect on what the season means to many.