Wireless Chargers for Your On-the-Go Life

Wireless chargers for your on-the-go life mean never having a dead device on your hands. In your home or office, a wireless charger means you can just drop your phone and know that the battery is going to get topped off so you’re good to go again. 

While the technologies behind wireless charging have existed for years, society has been slow in picking up this useful ability. With Apple iPhone now offering the Qi wireless charging option, many other smartphone companies are beginning to offer wireless charging options—you can even find purses, briefcases, and backpacks that are being outfitted for wireless charging.

Minimalist Design

Many wireless chargers are sleek and understated, coming in the form of a circular or rectangular pad. They’re often created to seamlessly fit into your life by sitting on a nightstand or desk without taking up too much space. Of course, you can find unique and fun designs for your wireless charger as well.

Charging Inner Workings

Within the wireless charging pad, a coil of wires sits inside with a magnet in the center. The electric current passing through the wires creates an electromagnetic field that transfers energy to the nearby receiver coil in the charging device. The amount of power transferred depends on the number of wire coils, the strength of the magnet, and the distance between the devices.

Charger & Device Compatibility

Wireless charging comes with hardware and software limitations for charging your device. When you’re shopping for a wireless charger, check the compatibility of the charger with your phone. Also, it’s important to check the wattage between your charger and device. If you have a high wattage on your charger and lower one on your device, the device is limited by its wattage for quickness in charging.
Wireless charging is convenient for topping off your smartphone’s battery in between activities. Set a wireless charger on a hallway table in your home or at your desk to make sure your phone is always ready to go when you are. Check out these wireless chargers to add convenience to your life.

3 At-Home Wireless Chargers

Belkin Boost Up Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Optimized for iPhone but compatible with certain Androids, the Belkin Boost Up Qi Wireless Charging Pad offers fast and efficient charging times of devices. The pad itself is less than five inches across and designed with a bit of traction to ensure that your phone doesn’t slide off the charger, and its 15 Watts of power promises some of the fastest charging times as long as the mobile device is compatible. It also charges through lightweight phone cases.

Anker PowerWave 7.5 Pad and Stand

Known for affordable and high tech accessories, Anker creates an amazing wireless charger that can charge any Qi-compatible device up to 7.5 Watts of power. Simple design that takes up only about a 4-inch area, the Anker pad provides a few safety features, protecting your phone from overcharging and radiation shielding. The pad also promises to charge through thick cases and popsockets. Be aware that the outlet adapter is not included when you buy the wireless charger.


Moshi Otto Q Wireless Charging Pad

A simple circular design, the Moshi charging pad is a light gray color with a fabric finish and silicone ring to keep your phone from sliding. With the ability to charge up to 10 Watts of power, it can fast-charge compatible devices. The Moshi pad also promises to charge through lightweight phone cases. A small LED light pulses while charging and stabilizes when your phone is fully charged.
No matter what wireless charger you choose to simplify your life, be sure to double-check the compatibility of your device with the charger. Every charging device is different, and you want to be sure that you find the right one.