Setting Vacation Goals

Setting vacation goals can help you plan a successful vacation. Sure, you may not be goal-oriented, and maybe the point of a vacation is to not have goals, but setting vacation goals can ensure you do what you want—even if all you want to do is nothing on your vacation!

While some people prefer a vacation that is devoted to leisure, others enjoy vacations that focus on education, shopping, food, or adventure.

Nothing is more stressful than going on a vacation with friends or family where everyone has different priorities for their time. When you’re planning your vacation with other people, be sure to verbalize what’s important to you for the vacation and ask your friends or family what they want. Good communication will help make sure no one comes home from the trip with unmet expectations.


Building a vacation around rest often means rejuvenating activities such as yoga, spa time, or just relaxing by the pool. This is the time to finally read that one book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for months. (Or maybe to start writing a book!) Late nights or late mornings, you can plan whatever you want to rest and take it easy.


A vacation focused on education means scheduling days around museum visits and historical site tours. This type of vacationer really wants to understand the history of the area. At the end of the vacation, your kids may even have enough information for their future history reports.


Vacation can be the perfect time to restock your closet and your knick-knack shelf. This means choosing a location for your vacation that has all the best shopping nearby so you can shop whenever the mood strikes you. Shopping therapy is an important component for many vacationers.


If vacation is about food for you, be sure to vacation somewhere that provides a wide selection of eating choices. Enjoy brunch daily at a sweet café or visit the farmer’s market for homegrown deliciousness. A vacation planned around food is just marking time until you can eat again.


Adventure vacations seek thrilling activities for each day, whether it’s perfecting your ocean surfing technique or free climbing a Colorado mountain. The activity that you want to explore will dictate the location and other opportunities available to you and your group. Adventure seekers are always up to try something new.

Little Extras for Vacationing

Whether you're prioritizing rest or adventure, when you set goals for your vacation, consider these other ways you can escape your daily responsibilities. Here’s a list of ideas that you may decide to use on your vacation.

  • Don’t set an alarm
  • Make time for conversation with your friends and family
  • Play games, whether sports or board games
  • Dream about the future
  • Set an away message for your email
  • Try a new activity
  • Pay for someone else to clean up or do the task you don’t like
  • Choose activities that bring you joy
  • Take lots of pictures

No matter how you choose to build your vacation, take the time to explore the area that you’re visiting. When you visit Arizona, be sure to book an ATV adventure tour to experience the stunning terrain of the area. An ATV tour fits every kind of vacation style. Schedule a tour with us today by calling 1-928-282-8540.