Best Snacks for Your Active Adventurer

Active adventurers are on-the-go types of people. Your life is infinitely more enjoyable when you’re checking goals off of your bucket list or en route on another adventure. Driven by experiencing life to the fullest, you might neglect some of your more basic human instincts in pursuit of adventure. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or running off to another adventure, you need fuel that’s easy to eat and will keep you energized long-term. Since you’re often off the beaten path, you need snacks that don’t require refrigeration. By fuelling your body, you’re able to exert more energy and brainpower to tackle the next adventure!

Here are 6 snacks to take on the go:

Trail Mix
The ratio of ingredients may differ by brand, but you’ll commonly find an assortment of roasted or raw nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, and seeds. This classic snack has been around a long time, and for good reason. The main ingredients, nuts, are powerhouses of energy that’s easy to take on the go. There is an infinite number of types of trail mix from healthy to decadent, so you can be sure there’s an option to suit everybody. Can’t seem to find the right combination? You can also buy an assortment of your favorite nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate to mix together, to create your own trail mix snack. 

Cheese and Crackers
Cheese contains protein and calcium, and in moderation can be a healthy snack. As a rule of thumb, the harder cheeses, such as parmesan, cheddar, and low-fat Swiss, have more protein, between 7-10g than softer cheeses. Pick your favorite cracker and top with the cheese of your choice for a hearty and easy trail snack. If you’re out on an adventure for more than 2 hours, you’ll need to refrigerate the cheese. For an option that doesn’t require refrigeration, swap the cheese out for avocado! Just make sure to bring the whole avocado and cut it right before you eat it or else it’ll turn brown.  

Jerky: Vegan, Meat, or Fish
Jerky can be made out of pretty much anything these days. But, it remains a tried and true snack for adventurers since it’s a fairly healthy option that can withstand just about any weather condition. A 1 oz strip of beef jerky packs over 9g of protein, leaving you full but not weighted down.

Fruit and Nut Butter
An apple or a banana with nut butter is probably one of the healthiest choices, not to mention delicious! Bring a spoon to spread the nut butter on the fruit of your choice for a filling treat. Then, continue on with your adventure with a full belly.

Protein Bars
A staple for any seasoned adventurer, these handy snacks are packed with protein and require minimal effort to locate. You can find them at most gas stations nowadays!  They make the most convenient snacks as you can eat them on-the-go. Plus there are plenty of different brands and flavors to choose from so you can keep your taste buds from getting bored.

Stuffed dates with Almond Butter 
This one requires some pre-adventure legwork on your part, but it’s worth it! Dates are a healthy source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Though also high in sugar, when combined with a source of protein such as nut butter, the rate at which sugar flows into your bloodstream is reduced. To make this snack, you’ll want to to make a slit in the dates for the nut butter of your choosing, being careful not to cut the date in half, and enjoy.  

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