4 Fun Ways to Document a Vacation

Have you ever thought about trying to document a vacation? Recording your travel experiences can be lots of fun. Chances are, you’ve thought about it a time or two before leaving for your vacation but may not have put together a plan for how to do it.

Luckily, it’s easier than you think to keep notes about your journey! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started and you can make something that’s truly unique. Show off your personality and try documenting your next vacation with one of the ideas below.

1. Keep a journal.

Some travelers may turn their noses up to this idea because they don’t like the idea of writing or “journaling” about their every thought and feeling. The beauty of a journal, though, is that it doesn’t have to be an arduous chore! It is what you make of it.

If you’re not someone who can sit down and watch as words flow onto the paper, consider purchasing a travel journal with helpful prompts that will guide you to writing about things you saw and experienced each day. Check out the quirky I Was Here* travel journal. It includes fun “challenges” to try as well as areas to plan your outings and separate places to write about the things you saw.

If you consider yourself more artistic, why not try creating your own bullet journal? A bullet journal is completely customizable and there’s no shortage of design ideas from around the web. Don’t believe us? Just search Pinterest for “bullet journal travel” and see what comes up!

You can tape or glue ticket stubs, fun candy or food wrappers, or other odds and ins you may collect on your trip.

Journals are often small enough to fit into a backpack or purse, so they’re a fantastic option if you want to be able to document your thoughts while on the go.

2. Start a blog (or a vlog).

Though it doesn’t really matter how long you plan to be traveling, this is an especially great idea if you’re going on an extended trip.

Blogging gives you a clean canvas to document your experiences and easily share them with your family and circles of friends. You can write about anything you like without the constraints of a pre-planned journal – scribble about as much or as little as you like!

There are tons of free platforms available for you to set up your blog; all it requires is a little setup time. If you find you enjoy blogging, you can potentially turn your hobby into a money-making machine! We recommend setting up your blog with WordPress. They’ll walk you through the basics and there’s a huge community to gain insight and tips from as you build your own “website.”

If you’re not into writing, try “vlogging” – record yourself chatting! You can still create a blog for this if you choose and upload videos. To simplify, you can upload your videos to YouTube and create your own channel there.

3. Send yourself postcards.

Postcards may be a dying form of communication, but they’re still out there, especially in high tourist areas.

Postcards give you an opportunity to grab professional snapshots of your destination that you can save or hang on your refrigerator and you can jot down a thought from the day to remember later.

As postcards generally take a minimum of a week to arrive at their final destination (international postcards generally take multiple weeks), they also give you a way to relive a small part of your trip when they finally arrive at your door.

4. Collect things for a “memory jar.”

We love this creative idea from Stefanie of the Making of a Mom blog.

Instead of stashing your collected items in a journal, grab a mason or other jar you have from around your home and display the things you’ve saved from your trip inside. Put your jars somewhere that will remind you of the fun you had on a rainy day or when you’re suffering from a heavy dose of wanderlust.

These make great talking points in your home, too! When your guests see them, they’ll surely ask what the jars represent. It’s your opportunity to gush about your vacation!


The next time you go on vacation, consider documenting your trip. These fun and creative ideas are a great way to break outside the usual mold and share your experience with others. Try one or two and have some fun!


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