A Few Easy Ways to Save Money for Your Next Trip

If you’re dying to go on vacation, we totally understand. After all, who can last very long without a bit of adventure in their life? We know we can’t, and we don’t expect anyone else can either – but we also know how expensive vacations can be. In fact, cost is often the only thing preventing people from going out on a much-needed getaway adventure.

If this is the case for you, you’re probably wondering how you might save up for your next vacation a little more quickly. After all, the faster you can save, the faster you can enjoy a vacation, right?

Luckily, there are plenty of awesome ways to find the funds for a getaway. Here are some of our favorite suggestions.

#1: Get In on the Gigs

The gig economy’s alive and kicking and getting in on the action is definitely a great way to up your income. Whether you choose to drive for Uber or Lyft, rent a room on Airbnb, or do some shopping via Shipt, you can actually make quite a bit of money in the evenings and on weekends.

All of this additional income can then be put into your vacation fund, meaning that awesome adventure may be closer than you ever imagined.

#2: Round It Up

Apps such as Chime are the modern-day equivalent of saving your spare change. What they do is round up every debit card transaction you make to the next dollar and deposit that extra change into a savings account.

All that “spare change” adds up quickly, giving you something extra to add to your vacation fund. Best of all, Chime helps you out by paying you 10% of whatever you set aside each year with a cap of $500 in rewards. That’s pretty awesome!

#3: Sell Your Stuff

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you probably own way too much stuff. It’s all too easy to let these things accumulate and take over our homes and lives.

A much better option is to make a point of gathering the things you don’t need and having a yard sale each year. Don’t want to spend a weekend sitting outside? Try selling your things online via Facebook or Craigslist. You might be surprised how much vacation money your unwanted stuff can make you.

#4: Trim Your Budget

Most people’s budgets have some fat that can be trimmed. For some, this will mean cutting back on fancy coffee or meals out in order to save for their trip. For others, it may mean getting rid of cable and relying on streaming services for movies and shows.

Find the areas where you’re spending frivolously and cut them out of your budget. Put all of your savings toward your trip and you’ll be rewarded for your sacrifices with an awesome vacation.

#5: Try a “No-Spend Challenge”

Trimming your budget is one thing, and the trimmed budget can likely be held onto indefinitely. A “no-spend challenge” is another thing entirely. During such a challenge, the goal is to go without spending any money at all. This might seem extreme, but it does work for some, and it definitely helps you appreciate what you have while also saving a ton of money.

Try the challenge just for one week. During this time, eat only what’s in your kitchen already, avoid filling your car with gas by walking or riding your bike whenever possible, and skip the shopping entirely. If the week-long challenge goes well, try for two weeks next time. Some people are able to go an entire month without spending money on anything aside from bills. Think how much you could save!


In many cases, saving money is actually easier than you might think. Figure out what you need for your next vacation, decide on a couple of ways to start setting money aside, and get to work. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying an awesome time in the vacation destination of your choice. Won’t that be worth it?