8 Do-It-Yourself Halloween Adventures

Adventures are our thing. Coming up with outdoor and Halloween activities doesn’t have to be difficult, and some adventures are so easy to do on your own. So when you’re not taking an Arizona ATV adventure, you could enjoy one of these nine spooky Halloween adventures.

1. Tell Ghost Stories

Although a classic activity for camping or bonfires, telling ghost stories is most timely around Halloween. Dust off your local legends, haunted house stories, or borrow ghost stories from the library. Nothing sets the tone for the holiday quite like sharing chill-worthy stories around a crackling campfire under a starry night.

2. Hike at Night

Who’s afraid of the dark? We know you aren’t. But, taking a hike after dark can make any normal plant or creature look ten times scarier. When choosing your night hike trail, be sure to check the hours. Many state parks have a policy of being closed after dark.

3. Film a Home-Horror Movie

All it takes is your cell phone, an editing app, and a bit of creativity. Take advantage of locations like your backyard, your home, nearby woods, or a side alley. You might come out with a really scary home movie, but beware, you may be more frightened than your audience!

4. Visit a Graveyard

Nothing is quite as startling as seeing your first name on a tombstone, even if the last name differs. If you’re feeling particularly mischievous, visit the graveyard before bringing your family and friends and stash a few well-placed surprises! Preparing some ghost stories ahead of time can give your graveyard visit the perfect spooky atmosphere.

5. Stop at an Abandoned Home

Most neighborhoods have a property that has all sorts of scary stories circling it. Halloween is the perfect time to visit that property, make up more spooky stories, or share new ones. Visiting at night can amp up the scare factor as well.

6. Plan a Haunted Hunt

Whether you start with a story or a haunt map, you’ll want to set a plan of what people are searching for. Players should dress up. And you may even want to include bonus points for the team that manages to scare the other team worse.

7. Schedule a Witchy Picnic

Your adventure only needs to be culinary, and your creativity can make normal foods look spooky gross. It’s amazing what food color can do for presentation. You could have hot dog zombie fingers, poisoned apples, or spider deviled eggs. Would you like a glass of blood punch with eyeballs?

8. Take a (Zombie) Walk

You can find a local public zombie walk or you can plan your own private zombie walk. It’s up to you if everyone is undead or if you have a few humans to chase down. This can create quite the game of tag or hide and seek as well. Bonus points for creative costumes!

Halloween is the adventure that you make it. You can go super spooky or pedal the scary back to simplified cuteness. An easy way to channel more scariness is to do any of these activities on the actual night of Halloween. After all, it is the scariest night of the year.