5 Ways to Display Vacation Photos

Scrapbooking had its heyday and while there are plenty of people who still enjoy adding their memories to an expertly-designed photo album, it’s also not for everyone.

If you’re looking for a way to document your latest vacation that’s more out of the box and doesn’t involve excessive amounts of paper, try one of these ideas.

1. Throw printed photos into a marked (and displayed) box.

All too often, we keep all the photos, tickets, and small trinkets we’ve collected and throw them into a bag or box which later gets thrown into another box or the back of a closet. And what good is that to anyone?

If you can’t see your keepsakes, no one can. And if you’re not proud of how you’re displaying them, you won’t show them off.

This easy idea from Martha Stewart is a great way to keep all your collected odds and ends together while also giving you a special way to share them with your gusts.

2. Map it out.

If you’re displaying photos of all the places you’ve been within the U.S., there aren’t many ideas that are as cool as this one.

This Etsy shop sells framed maps of America with state-shaped holes where you can crop and add your photos. This is a fun way to choose your best pictures, show where they were taken, and track your state visits – all in one display.

Need some help getting yours just right or loathe the idea of doing it all yourself? There are artistic folks out there you can pay to do it for you.

3. Print your favorites on something you’ll use.

There’s nothing wrong with gifting yourself a photo gift!

Sites like Shutterfly have all kinds of options and run regular sales. Whether you purchase a large format print, a pillow with your favorite snapshot, a mug (an old favorite!), or something else, opt for something you know you’ll get use out of. The memory will last even longer!

4. Print a 365-day desk calendar.

If you love ripping into every new day, you’ll love this idea.

Social Print Studio turns your photos into daily rip-off calendars so you can see your pictures throughout the year. If you don’t have 365 favorites, that’s okay! They’ll randomly disperse the ones you share with them over the course of the year.

What better way to remind you of your epic trips than yo see them every day?

5. Wear it.

If you’re not one to buy apparel bearing the name of your vacation destination, that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear some kind of awesome photo of your adventure there!

Jakprints gives you the opportunity to print your favorite photos on a range of different clothing items. You’ll have a completely unique way to show off your trip.

Alternatively, have your favorite photo printed on a pair of custom Vans shoes. Your feet took you there once before; let them take you there again (well, sort of).


Don’t let the traditional photo display routes keep you from showing off your amazing trip. Display photos from your adventure in one of these more unique ways and remember your vacation for years to come!