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4 of America's Coolest Ghost Towns

As creepy as they might be, ghost towns are truly fascinating things. In fact, they're so fascinating that even the oldest, most worn-down ghost towns host hundreds (if not thousands) of visitors each year.

Many ghost towns are nothing but a pile of ruins at this point, but a few are still relatively intact. These deserted settlements are the best ones to visit, and if there are still people around to tell the stories of such places, it makes the trip even better. Luckily, it's not too hard to find these ideal ghost towns; some can even be found right here in Arizona.

The Greatest Adventure Stories of All Time

We know probably better than anyone that adventure is always calling. Unfortunately, not everyone can answer that call all the time. After all, there are always bills to be paid, families to feed, and a whole host of other commitments pushing exciting adventures to the side.

5 Active Volcanoes You Can Actually Visit

Volcanoes are more than just the stuff of science projects: They’re incredibly powerful natural wonders. Although they can be destructive, they can also be beautiful, and there’s something to be said about visiting a place that might never look the same if the volcano erupts.

Today there are plenty of active volcanoes you can visit around the world. Here are 5 of the most stunning volcanoes that you should add to your bucket list.