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Setting Vacation Goals

Setting vacation goals can help you plan a successful vacation. Sure, you may not be goal-oriented, and maybe the point of a vacation is to not have goals, but setting vacation goals can ensure you do what you want—even if all you want to do is nothing on your vacation!

While some people prefer a vacation that is devoted to leisure, others enjoy vacations that focus on education, shopping, food, or adventure.

7 Ways to Beat the Heat in Arizona

Summer is in full swing! While school’s out, everyone’s looking for fun things to do, but Arizona’s heat makes it almost impossible. Anyone who has visited or lived in Arizona knows how extreme the scorching heat can be. In fact, during the month of July, Arizona’s average day time temperature reaches an unbearable 104 degrees. 

Vacation for the Bros

Sometimes, you and your guy friends need a getaway -- a chance to either relax and unwind or be active and adventurous. Bros are always looking for new and exciting ways to hang out. If your get-togethers have been feeling uninspired recently, it might finally be time for a bro trip.