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Choose Your Adventure Fund Jar, Box, or Bottle

You know where you want your next adventure to be — you can picture yourself hiking with friends in the mountains, trying new food and sights in a city across the globe, or enjoying some relaxing time on a tropical beach. The only issue is a noticeable lack of adventure funds lying around. Sound familiar? The secret is saving, and while it does take some discipline, there are ways to make the act of saving much more fun! 

Must-See Natural Landmarks in Arizona

Did you know that Arizona has the second most visited national park in the United States? The Grand Canyon is an incredible view, but Arizona has plenty more sights to see--especially in Southern Arizona! These natural landmarks include everything from creeks and canyons to caves and craters. Whether you’ve lived in the state for a long time or are just visiting over summer vacation, plan an adventure to see these National Natural Landmarks in Arizona!

4 Ways to Guarantee a Great Road Trip

Going on a road trip is one of the greatest summer adventures one can have. While most travelers opt to fly to their vacation destination, some choose the classic American tradition of a road trip. You may have heard the saying, “it’s not the destination so much as it is the journey”. This is especially true for road trips. Traveling across the country (or even just a few states) by car lets you witness every step of the trek, making the final destination even more rewarding.