What Should I Wear for an ATV Tour?

An ATV tour with Arizona ATV Tours offers a desert experience via ATVs so the apparel that you’ll want to wear may differ than a jungle expedition. The dry heat of Arizona may have you thinking a tank top and shorts for your ATV adventure, but you may want to protect your skin from the desert sun, from spiky underbrush, and biting insects.

The ATVs also radiate a lot of heat as the engine works to power the machine and carry you over the terrain. Since the engine is often located in the front part of the ATV, this locates the main source of heat to be between your knees. A quick touch of your bare skin against the hot metal of your machine will make you want to ride with your legs lifted away, which will make your seat less secure.

While Arizona ATV Tours provide the standard safety essentials, such as a helmet and goggles, you may want to take be selective in what you wear for your adventure to further protect yourself and make your experience even more enjoyable.

1. Closed Toe Shoes
While our ATVs do provide minimum protection for your feet, you should still cover your toes. This could mean wearing a pair of tennis shoes or you could opt for hiking boots for more foot and ankle protection. The key is to cover your toes and have the added grip of a good shoe sole.

2. Jeans or Long Pants
Once again, you want to protect your skin from the heat of the bike as well as the underbrush that you may drive through. Jeans are less likely to pick up burrs, and their thickness will protect you from thorns, sticks, and other spikes. If jeans seem too heavy for you, maybe go with a canvas fabric.

3. Long-Sleeved Shirt
A light-weight, long-sleeved shirt protects you from the sun’s rays and the passing brush. Although not as necessary as long pants, it will still help protect your skin from the desert elements. Choose a fabric that is sweat-wicking for extra comfort.

4. Gloves
Protecting your hands from possible scrapes is definitely worth considering. While not necessary, gloves will protect your knuckles from plant collisions and any falls you may take. Although the goal is not to fall, sometimes unplanned spills happen.

5. Sunscreen
When you take a multiple-hour tour through the desert climate of Arizona, sunscreen is vital to help protect your skin. Worst case scenario, you’ll suffer some sunburn, but the best case scenario could be some of the best tan lines of your life. Pass the sunscreen.

A large part of ATV safety, other than your ATV apparel, is how you choose to drive your ATV. Although Arizona ATV Adventures provides safety information as well as a simple course to educate you in ATV driving, you’re still powering a large machine. Drivers need to make wise driving decisions.

A saying that bikers have is “ride your own ride.” This basically means that as the driver of your ATV, it’s your responsibility to drive at a speed that is comfortable for you and your group. So yes, wear the right clothes but also ride your own ride.