Vacation for the Bros

Sometimes, you and your guy friends need a getaway -- a chance to either relax and unwind or be active and adventurous. Bros are always looking for new and exciting ways to hang out. If your get-togethers have been feeling uninspired recently, it might finally be time for a bro trip. 

According to the Urban Dictionary, a “bro trip” is defined as, “A vacation, especially a road trip, with a bro [or group of bros] for the purpose of recreation and building camaraderie. It is often used as a means of escaping female companionship”. Bro trip is also synonymous with “brocation” and “mancation”. 

One of the biggest things to worry about when brainstorming a bro trip is pleasing everyone in the group. If your posse is tough to please, planning a vacation with a group of guys can be a logistical nightmare. But whether it’s a brocation, a bachelor’s party, or just an excuse to hang out, these getaway ideas can help! Here are a few tips and destinations for your next bro trip. 


San Diego, California

San Diego is a great choice if you’re looking for flexibility. San Diego’s beaches are perfect for either relaxing or learning to surf! With excellent and diverse food, an abundance of amenities, and fewer crowds than other Californian cities, San Diego is the place to be! 

If you’re looking for a longer trip with even more adventures, consider taking a road trip up the California coast. Start in San Diego and work your way up through Los Angeles, Malibu, San Francisco, and Sacramento. This is a classic American road trip route, just don’t forget to bring your camera! This is one of the American road trips one can take, just don’t forget the camera! 

Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona

Enjoy the beautiful natural environment of Arizona. Despite their desert heat, Phoenix and Tucson both have plenty to offer, such as golf courses, pools, and sporting events. While you’re in Arizona, make your way to the Colorado River for miles of incredible river rapids. Paddle through powerful waters or bounce atop a raft. These areas are also great locations for mountain-biking.

If you’re looking for something really adventurous, however, take the bros on an ATV tour! Arizona ATV Tours offer some of the best views one can find in Arizona, all while riding a fast and powerful ATV. We offer adventures in Phoenix, Sedona, and Tucson, so sign up for one of our guided tours today! 

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is famously the bourbon capital of the world. Tour several distilleries and learn the scientific process and history of the spirit--all while enjoying the beautiful Kentucky views. Louisville also boasts incredible dining options to satisfy any foodie. This mancation would be perfect for an extended weekend!

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Have any nature-buffs or photographers in your gang of bros? Then Rocky Mountain National Park is the destination for you. Witness Colorado’s breathtaking forests, wildlife and rock formations. Rocky Mountain can indulge any hiker, mountain-biker, and rock climber. 

Overall Rocky Mountain National Park has some of the most serene and awesome sights in the United States. With the city of Denver close by, this is a trip you won’t want to miss. 


Here are a few final tips to help you make your trip even better! Some of these can be done while you choose a destination, while some should be saved for after. 

  • Plan to go to a location that can cater to every group member’s interests. Your group of friends knows each other best, so compromise on destinations to make everyone happy. 
  • Get everyone to research local activities at your travel destination. Find fun and adventurous things to do. Bro-friendly activities include everything from rock climbing and sports events, to golf courses and breweries. 
  • Invite bros only. Inviting a casual friend or acquaintance can spell disaster. Don’t bring someone you might get sick of after a few days!
  • Bring a video camera or take a video on your phone. You’ll want to document your journey, and you might even want to make a short compilation to share with your friends. 

Use these tips and destinations to plan your next mancation. Don’t forget that Arizona ATV Adventures can provide an unforgettable ride out into Arizona’s beautiful natural landscapes. Call today at +1 800 242 6335 to schedule your tour, or browse our website for more information!