Tips & Tricks to Long Flights

The anticipation of arriving to a destination alone can make any journey seem unbearable, especially when that destination is hours away. Stiff leather seats, crying children, and about two inches of space for your legs doesn’t make long flights any better. 

If you look at it from a positive perspective, a long flight is just a set amount of time for you to do anything you want! Just as long as you can do it in an airplane seat. 

These tips and tricks are just a few ways you can make that journey go by a little faster and keep yourself in high spirits until you reach your destination!


Your long flight is just about one week away. It’s time to prepare if you haven’t already. Besides packing all the essentials like clothes, shoes, and cosmetics, you should think about the things you may need in the personal bag you carry on the plane. 

Some items that might be useful on a long haul flight include:

  • Noise-Cancelling Headphones
  • Ear Plugs
  • Antibacterial Wipes
  • Tissues
  • Chargers or Portable Chargers
  • Neck Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Sleeping Aids

Charge Your Electronics

It’s the night before your big flight! Your mind is racing as fast as your heart and you may forget to pack one or two items. Before you get a good night's rest to ease any nervousness, make sure you hook up all your devices to the nearest outlet. 

There are usually outlets in airports and most large planes are equipped with outlets as well, but it’s always best to be prepared. You never know when you might need your phone and the most inconvenient place to have a battery with less than one percent is at the airport. 

Wear Something Comfortable

Long haul flights are notoriously uncomfortable, but when you consider an outfit, this can make the flight better or worse depending on what you decide to wear. The space you are going to be in for a couple hours is already cramped. Your outfit shouldn’t add to that discomfort.

The best outfits to wear on a long flight are usually made of a soft, breathable cotton blend. Loose-fitting shirts and pants are the way to go on a long flight! These types of clothes allow easier movement. Add a pair of compression socks to help blood flow to the feet and a comfy sweater to keep you warm and you are ready to go!

Pack Snacks

Why do you think “airplane food” has such a negative connotation in our society today? It’s not going to be the best meal you’ll have in your life, but it will be enough to curb the hunger. However, the flight attendants bring out your meals, drinks, and snacks on their scheduled time, not yours. 

It’s always a good idea to pack your own snacks and drinks so that you may eat whenever you choose to. Though you can’t bring any drinks with you through security, you can always grab a bottle or two from the convenience stores near your boarding gate. While there, it never hurts to pick up an extra trail mix or a chocolate bar.


So you have boarded your plane, taken off, and you’ve been in the air for about 20 minutes. What do you do now?

The obvious answer is sleep! However, sleeping in an uncomfortable plane for a few hours might seem impossible. Grab your neck pillow and try to catch up on some Z’s. If the sleep isn’t coming easily, take a sleeping aid to make it a little easier. 

Bring Your Own Entertainment

You have a lot of time to entertain yourself on a long flight. Whether you like to read, write, or watch Netflix, you have the time to do it! Be sure to pack a book or two and download a couple of Netflix movies on your device. When you are staring at the back of a dull plane seat on your flight, you’ll be thankful you brought something to do. 

Onboard Entertainment

If you didn’t have the chance to pack your own entertainment, there is entertainment on board. Long haul flights are usually equipped with small televisions for each seat with movies, music, videos, and more to keep the boredom away. Check out your airline’s website to get a good look at what onboard entertainment features they offer. 

Make A Playlist Of Music Or Podcasts

A great playlist of podcasts, music, or both could be the difference between a great flight and a terrible one. Get out your device and those noise-canceling headphones you brought in your personal item and let those sweet sounds of music keep you calm. 

It would be best if you made these playlists beforehand and download them to your phone because onboard wifi may or may not be available depending on where your flight is going.

Catch Up on That Work You’ve Been Meaning to Do

If any of the above suggestions aren’t enough, you can always bring work to catch up on during the flight. It may not be the most comfortable setting, but the flight provides a lot of time to complete the tasks you’ve been meaning to catch up on!

Long haul flights are never that comfortable, but these tips and tricks can help make your flight a little more bearable. Your destination awaits you! If you find yourself in need of something fun to do while visiting Sedona, Arizona, call us at (800) 242-6335.