Games for Long Arizona Road Trips

What’s an American summer without a classic road trip? One of the best parts about journeying across the states is the amount of time you have to bond with family members or friends. Depending on your destination, you may have all the time in the world to get closer. Let’s be honest. Sometimes road trips get so boring that you start to count the potholes or red cars until you arrive at your destination. 

Why not play a few car games every family member will enjoy? It's the best way to not only pass the time but make the most of it! Leave your worries at home because we already made a list of games everyone will enjoy! 


There’s no better way to pass time than singing songs! In this game, one person sings a few lyrics from a song of their choosing (preferably not any lyrics with the song title) and everyone else shouts out the name of the song and the artist. The first person who guesses correctly wins that round and starts the next. Whoever guesses the most songs correctly wins the entire game. Tip: Make things a little more interesting by singing songs from different decades!


This classic car game is one anyone young or old will love. The objective is to be the first person in the car to see a Volkswagen Beetle or “punch buggy” and throw a punch! Make sure to say “punch buggy, no punch back” or you just might receive a punch in return! You could also try a kid-friendly version of the game where you simply yell “punch buggy” and whoever sees the most buggies wins!


The first person begins by saying a word that starts with the letter “A”. The next person repeats the words said before his or her turn and continues by saying a word that starts with “B”. The next person continues! Make things a little more fun by picking themes. For example, you can choose words like “Applebee’s” and “Bahama Breeze” for a restaurant theme. The game is more challenging as you get closer to harder letters like “X” and “Z”. See if your family is up for the challenge!

4. I SPY 

A timeless classic, I Spy begins with one person saying, “I spy with my little eye something…” and finishing the sentence off with words to describe the object they see. So, if they see a billboard with a yellow background, they can say “I spy with my little eye something yellow” while the rest of the car guesses what they see. A simple game that doesn’t require anything but looking outside the window! 
Tip: Choose something far down the road or lose your target object!


Who doesn’t love this game! You can either create the questions yourself or use apps like “What Would You Choose” or “Make Your Choice” to generate random questions for you. Start by saying “would you rather…” then insert your this-or-that questions! The game can be as funny, scary, or as challenging as you want it to be. You can also learn so much more about your family through a fun game like this! 

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