The Best Active Adventures to Take in the USA

The best kind of people plans their vacations around active adventures. Sometimes you don’t even need to go far to find an active adventure. Whether you prefer a long hike or something a bit crazier, we’ve collected some of the best active adventures to take in the USA.
At Arizona ATV Adventures, we want you to get outside and explore.

Downhill Skiing in Colorado

Winter sports lovers know that one of the best places to take to the slopes is the Vail Ski Resort that is right between the Gore Mountain Range and the Sawatch Range. With 5,289 acres of peaks and trails, skiers can take advantage of this stunning expanse to work on their ski skills. But if you tire of skiing, you can always take a hike on one of the 150 trails in nearby Beaver Creek.

Whitewater Rafting the Grand Canyon

While many take advantage of hiking the Grand Canyon, the idea of taking a whitewater rafting adventure through the Grand Canyon might be a new idea. The Colorado River cuts through the bottom of the Grand Canyon, a mile into the Earth. Rapids will have your heart racing while the peaceful Elves Chasm and Havasu will make you think you’ve entered another world.

Kayak in the Adirondacks

Known for its Olympic Sports Complex, the Adirondacks in New York offer plenty of winter outdoor activities. The scenery is not only stunning with the High Peaks, but you can enjoy the beautiful waters of the St. Regis Canoe Area. Take a kayak out into the water and explore the nature of the area.

Dogsledding in Alaska

Explore the wintery world of Alaska by dogsled. Depending on your intensity and adventurous spirit, choose a short day trip or the 9-day dogsledding adventure through the Gates of the Arctic. Dogsledding will test your stamina of the cold and your outdoor skills. But you will also be one of the few to see some of the most jaw-dropping views of Alaska.

Rock Climbing in Acadia National Park

If you love heights and rock climbing, visit Acadia National Park. The Cadillac Mountain stands 1,530 feet tall, and it catches the first glimpses of the sun between October and March. This park offers plenty of hiking and rock climbing. One of the best trails that combines hiking and climbing is the Precipice Trail that is a 2-mile round trip.

Trekking with Llamas in California

Trek through the Hoover Wilderness with the companionship of llamas carrying your equipment. You’ll see many different types of plant life and wildlife along the way, such as mule deer, coyote, bear, or bobcats. Each adventure is different. Llamas are a unique companion for the trails because they require no extra food and browse along the trail.

Adventure Sailing in Florida

Board a 26-foot Commodore and explore the islands off of Fort Myers for a week. If you’re a qualified sailor, you can captain your own vessel. It will be you, your friends, and nature. This is the perfect way to kick back and relax while still adventuring in the balmy temperatures of Florida.

Kiteboarding in Oregon

Grab a kiteboard and ride the water of Hood River. Kiteboarding is a combination of surfing and paragliding rolled into one sport. A wind-harnessing kite helps to power the kiteboard across the water, making for an exhilarating ride. This is the adventurous way to explore Hood River, Oregon, and the natural beauty of the area.

ATV Off-Roading in Arizona

One of the best ways to explore Sedona, Phoenix, or Tucson is by ATV. Of course, we may be biased. However, the adrenaline of driving an ATV through Arizona’s terrain is a rush with the added dimension of amazing views. This is a great active adventure for beginners to experienced ATV drivers.

We love adventures. We think every vacation should include some type of active adventure because this gives you a unique experience as well as a different perspective of the place you’re visiting. Be sure to schedule your own Arizona ATV Adventure when you’re in Arizona!