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5 Active Volcanoes You Can Actually Visit

Volcanoes are more than just the stuff of science projects: They’re incredibly powerful natural wonders. Although they can be destructive, they can also be beautiful, and there’s something to be said about visiting a place that might never look the same if the volcano erupts.

Today there are plenty of active volcanoes you can visit around the world. Here are 5 of the most stunning volcanoes that you should add to your bucket list.

6 Adventurous Things to Do This Year

adventure 2018

It’s officially 2018 and with a new year comes new year’s resolutions. This year, don’t settle for the same old goals—why not try something exciting? If you’re looking to add a little adventure to your new year, here are 6 things to do to broaden your horizons in 2018.

Fun Facts About Arizona You Forgot from School

facts arizona

Arizona is a truly amazing place. From gorgeous scenery and amazing animals to some pretty fascinating history, The Copper State is chock full of interesting things.