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Best Snacks for Your Active Adventurer

Active adventurers are on-the-go types of people. Your life is infinitely more enjoyable when you’re checking goals off of your bucket list or en route on another adventure. Driven by experiencing life to the fullest, you might neglect some of your more basic human instincts in pursuit of adventure. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or running off to another adventure, you need fuel that’s easy to eat and will keep you energized long-term. Since you’re often off the beaten path, you need snacks that don’t require refrigeration.

6 Gifts for the Active Adventurer

We all know that one person, that one friend (or family member) that’s a total adrenaline junkie. For them, no rollercoaster is too fast, no height is too high. Their need for adventure is one of their defining qualities. When the holidays roll around, finding the right gift for them can be tricky business.  The typical gifts just won’t do; these thrill seekers crave experiences that get their hearts pumping, not trinkets that will sit on their shelves. So here are 6 outside the box experiences to give to  the active adventurer in your life:

What Should I Wear for an ATV Tour?

An ATV tour with Arizona ATV Tours offers a desert experience via ATVs so the apparel that you’ll want to wear may differ than a jungle expedition. The dry heat of Arizona may have you thinking a tank top and shorts for your ATV adventure, but you may want to protect your skin from the desert sun, from spiky underbrush, and biting insects.