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The Wildlife of Southern Arizona

An essential part of any successful ATV adventure is exposure to wildlife. Between our tours in the West Sedona Canyon and Box Canyon, there is ample opportunity to catch a glimpse of the various animals that inhabit Southern Arizona. These ecosystems support an extraordinarily diverse population of plants and animals, including birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, trees, and flowers. Want an idea of what you might see on your ATV tour? Here’s a short guide to Southern Arizona’s wildlife. 

5 Dates for Active Couples

Finding something fun to do with your partner can sometimes be a challenge. Maybe you’ve entered a predictable routine of dates with your significant other and are looking for a bit of diversity, or maybe you just want another way to fit some exercise into your life. Whether or not these apply to you, getting out and about on an adventure is an incredible experience to share with a loved one.  If you’re looking to branch out your dates, and get a little exercise at the same time, try one of these fun active activities! 

Show Me Off-The-Beaten-Path Sedona

Sedona is known for its gorgeous red rock and amazing natural wonders. Nature lovers, photographers, hikers, and spiritual seekers flock to this beautiful area to take in the landscape and enjoy outdoor activities. Of course, it’s easy to find the favorite Sedona tourist attractions, but we know you want to see off-the-beaten-path Sedona.