7 Ways to Beat the Heat in Arizona

Summer is in full swing! While school’s out, everyone’s looking for fun things to do, but Arizona’s heat makes it almost impossible. Anyone who has visited or lived in Arizona knows how extreme the scorching heat can be. In fact, during the month of July, Arizona’s average day time temperature reaches an unbearable 104 degrees. 

When it gets this hot, leaving the air-conditioned house doesn’t even seem like it would be enjoyable. Thanks to these activities, however, you can still enjoy the outdoors without melting. Here are some of the best ways to keep cool and beat the heat in Arizona!

1. Go on a Night Hike

The most obvious way to avoid the heat is to wait until the sunsets. The average low temperature in Arizona is 64 degrees Fahrenheit--much more tolerable than triple-digit temperatures. Hiking at night is a fun way to be active, get your fill of the outdoors, and avoid sweating to death. Remember to bring a flashlight, plenty of water, and a hiking buddy.

2. Eat Cool Foods

Eating fruits and vegetables that have high water contents is a great way to stay cool. That includes watermelon, oranges, and cantaloupe. Another great snack for summer is frozen grapes! Remember to stock up on freezer foods like ice cream and popsicles, and always take advantage of ice cream trucks and snow cone machines. 

3. Go to Art Films and Movie Theatres

Movie theatres are an effective way to beat the heat for two to three hours. Catch up on the latest superhero movies and summer blockbusters with cold drinks and hot food. 

Phoenix is also a notable destination for the independent film world. Catch the newest indie flicks normally shown in Los Angeles and New York in air-conditioned theatres. Look for local theatres in Phoenix, Arizona for more information!

4. Visit the Local Library or Museum

Movies aren’t your thing? Cool off and lose yourself in a good book! Many local libraries offer free library cards and are a great alternative to video games and expensive hobbies--especially for teenagers. 

Museums are as entertaining as they are educational. Learn more about art and history as you look at huge models, artifacts, and paintings. Most museums are relatively cheap, and offer discounts for children, making it a great thing to do for families. 

5. Drink Plenty of Water

This one’s obvious, but sometimes forgettable. Ensuring you’re consistently hydrated is a great way to avoid getting overheated. One neat trick to cool yourself off is to add mint to your drink. The herb creates a cooling sensation, can detox your system, and goes well in iced tea!

6. Go to a Water Park

Arizona has some of the country’s best water parks, offering everything from wet slides and rides to wave pools and lazy rivers. Choose from various parks such as Oasis Water Park in Phoenix, Wet ‘n’ Wild in Glendale, and Desert Oasis Aquatic Center in Chandler. Arizona has parks scattered all across the state, find the closest one to you! 

7. Try Water Sports

Whether it’s tubing, kayaking, or rafting, Arizona has plenty of rivers to make a splash in. Go tubing for some lazy lounging, or challenge yourself physically with intense kayaking and paddling. Whenever you break a sweat, just take a dip in the water!

Still looking for something to do this summer in Arizona? Schedule an ATV Tour! Contact Arizona ATV Adventures today to plan your guided tour in Arizona’s beautiful outdoors.