6 Best Travel Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Sometimes the closest thing you can get to an adventure is a travel account on Instagram. Whether it’s time or a busy schedule that’s holding you back from an outdoor adventure, you can always live vicariously through travel bloggers! 

These days, powerful smartphone cameras and immediate access to friends on social media make it so much easier to share your adventures with someone else.

If you are looking for an adventure on your hand-held device, then these Instagram accounts are for you!


Emilie’s travel Instagram page consists of warm pastel tones that beautifully capture the landscape of the countries she visits. From the blue waters of Australia to the heat of the Saharan desert, Emilie knows how to capture an adventure. 

If you spend most of your time indoors and are just itching for an escape, open the Instagram app and follow Emilie’s account!


It started as a television network and eventually adapted its products for print and digital media. National Geographic and travel go hand in hand, especially if you enjoy educational adventures. 

There’s more to travel than pretty pictures! National Geographic puts context behind each photograph to make each post more meaningful and educational. If people, animals, and good storytelling are what you are looking for when you think adventure, then check out @natgeo.


With over half a million followers on Instagram, @theblondeabroad has an extremely large following and her pictures are perfect examples of why. Her account effortlessly highlights the beauty of the cities she visits. 

Kiki, the owner of the account, uses special filters developed in Adobe Lightroom that help accent the landscape and architecture of the cities she travels to. This account is an aesthetically pleasing adventure within the four corners of your phone. 


If tropical climate vacations and the occasional food photo is your definition of #vacationgoals, then Asiyami’s travel Instagram account was made for you. She describes herself as a visual storyteller and she doesn’t fall short of that title. 

This account manages to capture the art and architecture of each city, the salt of the oceans, and the lines in each leaf that Asiyami passes. Make her Instagram your next vacation destination. 


Alex Strohl knows how to photograph the beauty of the Earth’s various landscapes. Each new post on his Instagram is a sporty adventure. From the peaks of Montana to the icebergs in Greenland, this travel account could not get better!

Strohl’s account is also the perfect inspiration to plan your next vacation. With all the beauty and land that there is to explore, it is hard to narrow down a destination to bring your family and friends. This account has enough travel inspiration to last a lifetime.


Jonathan Irish is a contributor to the National Geographic company, but he saves some of his best photos for his personal Instagram travel account. He spends his time taking photos of national parks around the United States.

From the orange hues of the Grand Canyon to the lush greens of Olympic National park, if you appreciate nature and animals, it might be a great idea to check Irish’s account out. Maybe you’ll want to plan your next outdoor adventure in one of the parks he photographs.

We can’t all travel 24/7, but the world is getting smaller. Though we can’t physically go on an adventure, it doesn’t mean an adventure can’t begin elsewhere. Open your phone and travel vicariously through professional photographers’ Instagram accounts! 

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