4 Ways to Guarantee a Great Road Trip

Going on a road trip is one of the greatest summer adventures one can have. While most travelers opt to fly to their vacation destination, some choose the classic American tradition of a road trip. You may have heard the saying, “it’s not the destination so much as it is the journey”. This is especially true for road trips. Traveling across the country (or even just a few states) by car lets you witness every step of the trek, making the final destination even more rewarding.

While the flexibility of traveling by car may be appealing to some, it’s also smart to make a definitive plan for your trip. Here are a few tips to help you have an amazing road trip--without it ending up like National Lampoon’s Vacation. 

1. Decide on a Destination

The obvious first step to planning a great road trip is to decide where to go. If you’re a first-time road-tripper, you may only want to drive a short distance. Pick somewhere relatively close to give yourself enough time to relish in everything the location has to offer. Drive a few hours, enjoy yourself in a new city, and go back home--all in a day. 

If you’re comfortable driving longer distances, you may choose to pick a destination a few states away. Be sure to budget enough time to get there, and remember to take time for rest breaks. Most road trip veterans recommend allocating a lot of extra time for all the impromptu stops and sights to see. 

2. Check / Choose a Car

The type of car you use greatly depends on where you’re going. Some cars are designed for longer trips while others might pose a risk to your vacation. There are plenty of factors to consider based on individual circumstance: Will there be enough space for all the people going with you, will you need four-wheel drive, will you have enough storage, does the car have sufficient mileage, etc. If you choose to rent a car to fit your needs, make sure that it fulfills all your needs. 

Should you drive your personal vehicle, take the time to get it checked. Make sure your tires aren’t at risk, the fluids are at good levels, and the brakes are fully functional. Don’t forget to double-check your spare tire! 

3. Stay off the Beaten Path

Many frequent road-trippers recommend staying off busy highways. Avoiding the mainstream allows travelers to see new locations they might not have discovered otherwise. The objective isn’t to get to the destination as fast as possible, but to enjoy yourself along the way. The next time you see a potential detour, take it! You never know what you’ll find. 

4. Make a Mean Playlist

Bring plenty of entertainment. If you’re going to be doing most of the driving, you’ll want to make a jammin’ playlist with hours of songs. By the end of the trip, you’ll probably be tired of the playlist, so make sure it’s long enough! If you’re a passenger, you’ll want to do the same, as well as load your phone with plenty of entertainment options. Download some movies, download some games, whatever breaks up the trip. It may be worthwhile to bring a book too--if it doesn’t make you too carsick. 

  • Here are a few last-minute tips for your travels:
  • Have all your necessary documents on you.
  • Pack an emergency back with plenty of food, water, and medicine. 
  • Anticipate potential roadblocks and traffic jams.
  • Remember your car chargers.
  • Pick a good travel buddy. 
  • Be sure to stay safe!

Follow these tips and you’re sure to have an incredible road trip. Planning a road trip in Arizona? Plan a stop in Sedona or Tuscon at Arizona ATV Adventures! Get out of the car and onto an ATV, and witness the beauty of Southern Arizona. Schedule your adventure today at +1-928-282-8540, or take a tour of our website!