6 Best Travel Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Sometimes the closest thing you can get to an adventure is a travel account on Instagram. Whether it’s time or a busy schedule that’s holding you back from an outdoor adventure, you can always live vicariously through travel bloggers! 

These days, powerful smartphone cameras and immediate access to friends on social media make it so much easier to share your adventures with someone else.

If you are looking for an adventure on your hand-held device, then these Instagram accounts are for you!

Wireless Chargers for Your On-the-Go Life

Wireless chargers for your on-the-go life mean never having a dead device on your hands. In your home or office, a wireless charger means you can just drop your phone and know that the battery is going to get topped off so you’re good to go again. 

Choose Your Adventure Fund Jar, Box, or Bottle

You know where you want your next adventure to be — you can picture yourself hiking with friends in the mountains, trying new food and sights in a city across the globe, or enjoying some relaxing time on a tropical beach. The only issue is a noticeable lack of adventure funds lying around. Sound familiar? The secret is saving, and while it does take some discipline, there are ways to make the act of saving much more fun!